Olde Northfield Township, established in 1807, was the original name of the area that now encompasses the communities of Macedonia, Northfield Village, Northfield Center Township, and Sagamore Hills.  It started as 27 square miles in the northeast corner of Portage County, before Summit County was established.  Isaac Bacon of Massachusetts, the first settler, came by covered wagon and arrived with his family in 1807 at their new homestead on the north side of Valley View Road west of Boyden Road.

Olde Northfield Township was later separated into four communities.  The Village of Macedonia was settled in 1905 and became a township in 1912.  Also in 1912, Olde Northfield evolved from a township to a Village, followed by the separation and creation of Sagamore Hills Township in 1932, and finally in 1935, the separation of Northfield Center Township from the Village.

Henry Martin Home - Biehl Northfield
Mackey Store

Community Church - Northfield Village

Rev. Herb Stoneking was the pastor of Northfield Village Community Church for 30 yrs. This happens to be the only church in the village which is located on Birch Ave.

Sportsman Park

Sportsmans Park was origianlly built as a greyhound racing track in 1934 during Max Kliens term as mayor (1934-1938) and then shortly after the track changed ownership and the track switched from greyhound racing to midget car racing.  Then in 1956 sportsmans park was torn down to make way for what is known today as Northfield Park.
Site of Northfield Plaza


Northfield Plaza

Northfield Plaza was built in the 1950's by developer Edward J. Debartolo.  In the 1980's the plaza was sold to Mid America Management where it was then remodeled. The plazas future looked dim after the closure of JCPenney's anchor store in 1998....but then Mid America Management sold the plaza to Plaza Management, where they  changed the name from Northfield Plaza to Summit Plaza and brought shoppers and shops back to the plaza after so many years of decline.

Northfield Plaza Kroger and Firestone circa 1963
Northfield Plaza Merchant's
Northfield Beverage
Shaker Heights Assoc
Northfield Plaza Laundermat
Gray Drug Co
Martins Shoes
Plaza Barber Shop
The Sherwin-Williams Co.
Arcade Shoe Repair
Aerolyte of Cleveland
Lantern Beauty Salon
S.S. Kresge Co.
Firestone Stores
Kinney Shoes
J.C. Penney Co.
Northfield Square Cleaning Fair
Hollywood Fashions
Teri Ann's Village Dairy
Olde Northfield

Originally built in 1935 as Northfield Villages First and only town hall. The second floor of the town hall was designed by Edward Hunt (who was a councilman at one time) and the plans and work on the second floor were finished at the end of Frank Powers term as mayor (1942-1950).
Northfield Star Drive-in

The single screen drive-in opened in the 1950's and closed in 1979. The drive-in which was located south of the Northfield Plaza and north of Ledge Rd. on the east side of Rt. 8 (Northfield Rd.) was then demolished and became a vacant lot for years. The property was recently redeveloped as a retirement village known as Northfield Village Retirement Community.
Lee Eaton Primary School

The primary school on Ledge Rd. sits on twelve acres of land donated by Mr. Cyrus Eaton in memory of his first born daughter Margret G. Eaton also known as Lee by the family.
Interurban Trolley Car

The Interurban Trolley Car could be seen passing through Northfield Village on the ABC line (Akron, Bedford, Cleveland line) on Route 8 (Northfield Rd.) everyday.  You could catch this line at its station which still stands today in Macedonia on the corner of Route 8 and Route 82 (the electric bldg.)
Interurban Funeral Car
Kamolovic Buses

Which parked in front of the Kamolovic Store which was located across the street from the Northfield Village town hall where Spennato's Restaurant is located today.
(the ABC track line is in front of the store)
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