Mayor Jesse J. Nehez
Village of Northfield
10455 Northfield Rd
Northfield, Ohio 44067
Office Phone: 
330.467.7139 #11
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Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
unless Mayor Nehez has a prior appointment.

The Mayor can be reached by phone during the day.





















Photos courtesy of
Olde Northfield Historical Society



Before becoming Mayor, Mr Nehez served six years on village council where he was very influential in the development of our parks. Before becoming a councilman, he was volunteering his time to do landscape projects around the village. Jesse is a true team player and was a hands on councilman with many great ideas for beautifying our community. As former president of the historical society Jesse helps preserve the village's past and as Mayor he is working hard to ensure a bright future.

Jesse is a graduate of the Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute. He has worked for the past nine years at the Western Reserve Academy in Hudson in the maintenance department. He recently received the Alumni of the Year Award from the CVCC for his continuing work in the field of horticulture. An outdoor enthusiast, Jesse enjoys hiking, camping and skiing.



Letter to the Editor
April 11, 2014

I would like to hereby congratulate Chief Jason Buss and the other Officers and Firefighters of the Northfield Village Fire Department on the results of the Department's recent Insurance Service Office evaluation. The Department has improved its ISO overall score on the 1 to 10 rating scale from a 6 to a 3 (lower is better). The revised ISO rating, which will take effect on July 1, 2014, ranks the Northfield Village Fire Department in the top 6% of all fire departments in the United States. The dramatic improvement in the Department's ISO rating should permit the Village's businesses and residents to receive more favorable rates on their insurance premiums. This independent evaluation from such an important national organization has confirmed what the Village residents and businesses, surrounding fire departments, and nearby emergency health professionals already know. The Northfield Village Fire Department has taken great strides forward since Chief Buss was appointed Fire Chief in December of 2012. The Department is more efficient, better trained, more organized, and more engaged with the public and surrounding Departments than at any time in the Department's history. The Village's improved ISO rating is the direct result of Chief Buss and his firefighters' hard work and dedication toward continuously improving the Department. I am extremely proud of their momentous achievement.

Jesse J. Nehez, Mayor Village of Northfield

click here to read letter from Fire Chief Jason L. Buss.

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